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Galactic North

Galactic North - Alastair Reynolds

Galactic North is Alastair Reynolds' second collection of short stories (the first being Zima Blue) and the only one of the two to be set in his Revelation Space universe. The stories tell some of the bigger pieces of the RS universe history and a few questions, but all in all I didn't find myself terribly engrossed until I got to the last three. He manages to inject abit of dread into the ending of Graefenwalder's Bestiary,

and his tour of a batshit crazy sentient ghost ship in

(show spoiler)

Nightingale was a masterfully done tale of creepy, building, dread (this is unusual for him, I don't recall him ever trying anything like that before). But this is Epic Reads Blog and none of these can really be called EPIC. That is until the final story, the titular Galactic North.


Galactic North takes up somewhere around where the main trilogy in the RS universe ended and provides us with answers as to what happened after the trilogy concluded. And its pretty fuckin' epic to boot. There's a totally implacable enemy over running the galaxy, a hero, a villian who might just be a hero, and a galactic manhunt spanning thousands of years...I liked Galactic North the best of all the short stories here, although Nightingale definitely earned a close second. Most of the rest were pretty take it or leave it.

Giving it *** 1/2 for a general rating

And an EPIC rating of ** mostly for that titular short story