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Its time to brand this blog EPIC

I've been giving some thought to whether or not to focus this blog on a particular something and what that something to be. I'm not the sort of person who just reads one sort of book. I mean I'm on sci-fi right now, but I read fantasy, some horror, non-fiction,  and I'm not adverse to romance novels or YA if they're well written. So I like to think I have some range with my reading.


So I thought it about and I've come to the conclusion that my favorite reads are epic reads. I love a story with a hero, or an anti-hero, doing hero stuff. I love high drama, and high tension mixed with characters who do heroic stuff to win the day (or not). So when I say epic, I don't mean epic the way the internet means, I mean a soldier in a power suit, beating aliens or robots or mutants or something to death on top of bloody pile, because he's the last man standing between them and the rest of the human race or some such.


Its Mandy Patinkin's character in The Princess Bride saying "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."


Its the scene in the Matrix: Revolutions where the commander in the exoskeleton armored power suit faces off alone against a hoard of rampaging sentient robots as his allies are picked off one by one (an altogether terrible movie in most other respects).


Its EPIC and this is The Epic Reads Blog.