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Thoughts on reviewing

I got to thinking last night about some of the Anne Rice business and reviewing in general. I recalled a couple past experiences, from the days when I used to hang around and collect artwork off of DeviantArt.


The first thing I always note about DA is that the comments are always RELENTLESSLY positive. No one really ever said anything negative about anything I saw, and I always felt like if and when I commented I was the only one not trying to make the artist boost their ego.


The first experience I had was with an artist, whose work I critiqued slightly. Nothing mean, or unfriendly, just honest opinions of it. She completely flipped her shit.


The second incident was indeed much less a critique and more of a get the hell out of here kind of thing. The 'artist' in question there was a guy who used the site to post up solo porn, while calling it nude art (the site had a big problem with this at the time, I haven't really been there in a long time so I wouldn't know if they've done anything about it since then). Now I like porn as much as the next guy, but when I'm looking for art, I want art, I don't want porn. It's kind of a fork in soup thing; it doesn't forking work for me.


Anyway, I had a long argument with this jackass, which involved critiquing why his images were porn and not art and him throwing a gigantic shitfit.


Anyway, point of all this is that the misunderstanding of the concept of review goes way beyond just authors and books. Alot of people lose their freakin' minds when you attempt to address whats wrong with their artistic 'baby'. Either of these two probably thought I was trolling them, and thats the point. We have to get the point across that a review isn't personal, it isn't an attack, its just an opinion.


Btw, if your unfamiliar with DeviantArt.com its a fairly large site, with some very talented artists (and some crap, too).