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Edge of Infinity - Stephen Baxter, Gwyneth Jones, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Bruce Sterling, Pat Cadigan, Sandra McDonald, Jonathan Strahan, Paul J. McAuley, Elizabeth Bear, Alastair Reynolds, Hannu Rajaniemi, John Barnes, James S.A. Corey, An Owomoyela, Stephen D. Covey

I bought this book sometime in early January, but after reading the first three stories I put it down and moved on. I didn't care for any of them; all equally so. I just figured I would get back to it later. So about a month later I started it up again and found that I didn't hate the entirety of the collection. I was particularly fond of 'The Road to NPS' and 'Safety Tests'. I initially found the story 'The Peak of Eternal Light' intriguing but then it wore off. Tedious. I absolutely loathed 'The Girl-thing Who Went Out for Sushi' and 'Deeps of the Sky'.


Anyway, its a pretty hit or miss anthology here. Chances are if you read it at least one or two of these are gonna appeal to you. 


Give it a read if you like scifi shorts.