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Dear Ms. Anne Rice

I went to Amazon to post this first, re-posting it here. This is my response to all of this Anne Rice nonsense.



I've been following this for some days outside of Amazon. I never review on this site, I rarely even buy anything here anymore.

I will state that I've never read any of her books. I've seen the two movies and they were more or less what I'd expect; not terrible, not really my cup of tea either. Vampires and whatnot aren't really my thing.

What I can say is that Ms. Rice appears to have a disconnection both from her fans and from anyone else who buys, reads, or reviews her books. What I'm saying is that she doesn't appear to understand the concept of 'review'. We as reviewers are not here to help you sell whatever book you've written this month, or year. I can't stress this enough. Perhaps caps lock will help get the point across. REVIEWERS DO NOT REVIEW TO HELP YOU SELL BOOKS. If you write a good book and I choose to read it, I will write positive reviews for it. If you write a bad book and I choose to read it I will write negative reviews of it. If you want better, more positive reviews you need to write better books. The fact that you feel the need to act like a child in public forums on the internet, whether or not this is a sham to build hype for your latest book, implies insecurity on your part regarding your ability to write and undermines your credibility as a writer.

Reviewing your book in a genuine and honest manner does not constitute bullying. We review because we want to let other people know which books are worth reading and which one's should be avoided. If this helps you sell more or less copies it is completely incidental and irrelevant to the process. Let me say this one more time, Anne Rice we are not here to help you make money. If we were we wouldn't be reviewers, we would be shills. Undoubtedly, there are those of us in this forum and elsewhere who are just that; shills. However, this is not what we are about.

In summary, I urge you Ms. Rice to get a better grip on your understanding of the review process, and to tone your ego wayyyyyyyyy down. This is not an attempt to bully or harass you (I have after all said nothing about the quality, positive or negative, of your work, and my comment on your childishness is merely an observation of your activities across the internet). Grow up.