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A Memory of Light - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson

A pre-review


A Memory of Light is a special kind of book for me.


I've been reading the Wheel of Time series since I was in junior high school and I've never gotten tired of reading them. Thats 20 years of waiting for each book, buying them (or getting them from the library although I prefer to buy usually), page turning, sleepless nights, gasps, cheers, groans, sleepless nights, waiting, the occasional teary eye, 10 hour days of non-stop reading (and still not be finished with one book), more sleepless nights, and more waiting for the next book.


A Memory of Light is the 14th and final book in this series and has been much anticipated, partly since after the original author's death no one was sure if we would even get to read the end. Much thanks to Robert Jordan's widow for locating a suitable writer, Brian Sanderson (Mistborn trilogy is his most cited work), to finish the final 3 books from Jordan's extensive notes.


That said there is no other way to describe the Wheel of Time than a completely EPIC feat of storytelling. Full review will be forthcoming once I finish the book.