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Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds

Chasm City - Alastair Reynolds

Synopsis: Pursuing vengeance, security specialist Tanner Mirabel follows his target from one solar system to another, tracking him through the disaster ridden Chasm City, uncovering truths he might have wished he hadn't.


Review: I've been working for awhile on reading my way through Reynold's books. Chasm City is a re-read, but was maybe...sixteen years ago at least? So most of it feels new again.


Reynold's does what he does best here, dark space opera, but ultimately the book is more cyberpunk than anything. Low-lifes, killers, a gritty, fundamentally broke city, and hightech everywhere? Yeah this is cyberpunk. It reminded me a lot of Altered Carbon (the book, of course).


There are of course problems. There are some things which just do not add up.

If Cahuella is really Sky Haussman, why does Reynold's go out of his way to make Cahuella seem like a relatively nice guy (someone who would intervene on an unfornate's behalf to rescue her from a stalker/harasser) and Haussman an utter psycho (someone who would murder hundreds or thousands of people, start a war, murder the father who raised him, etc)?

(show spoiler)

We're given a pretty good view of both and the moral disparity between the two personalities is pretty stark.


I also found the twist ending a tad confusing after a little bit.


I didn't hate it, it was alright, but for hardboiled cyberpunk Altered Carbon kicks this book's ass.


Up next is something a little different for me. Kurt Vonneguts 'A Man Without A Country'.