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Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Scandanavian Folklore

Vaesen: Spirits and Monsters of Scandinavian Folklore - Johan Egerkrans, Johan Egerkrans, Johan Egerkrans, Cecilia Danneker Engström, Susan Beard


I first caught sight of this book on some facebook ad, and it immediately grabbed my attention. I ordered it and was not disappointed. The book details a small encyclopedia of folklore-ish monsters, all with beautiful illustrations many of them full page, and in beautiful color. Smaller drawings also accompany each entry as well.


The book is filled with  fascinating descriptions of monsters and spirits of a variety, many of which you've probably heard of, such as as gnomes and dragons, and others like vatter and the askefroa which you are likely less familiar with. Thirty-one in all.


Each entry is filled out by a fascinating description of the creature, ranging from a few paragraphs to a couple pages, occasionally more.


The only problem I have with this book is that it feels a little short. I went cover to cover on it in about four hours, but since the focus is obviously on the illustrations it feels like a fair trade.



Easily worth the trouble it took to get it. Its a bit hard to find, only really being available from a single website. If anyone wants to know where to find it please send me a message.


4 stars.