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Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

Synopsis: Murder, intrigue, conspiracy, war, life and death in a medieval fantasy kingdom.


It's a little hard to write a review for Game of Thrones seeing as how hyped the show is and how everyone already knows the plot and the characters, but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.


The first thing to say is that its absolutely worth the hype, if you can stand to keep reading it. George R.R. Martin is a 21st century Shakespeare, and his magnum opus is a 5 book and counting Macbeth. Seriously. These days I have alot of problems with the authors I read. They can't do character development worth a shit. They don't know how to be descriptive with their writing. They don't know how to path a plot line. The publisher only wants so many pages and they're trying to shoehorn the plot into the limitation. Martin has NONE of these problems, and that is exceedingly rare.


So whats the downside? Martin doesn't believe in censorship. Of any kind. These books are brutal, violent, and bloody. There are plenty of sex scenes, too. He's meticulously written each book with the mindset and mentality of a medieval society, and spared no weak stomachs. Not everyone is gonna be able to stomach this book or it's sequels. Its absolutely no punches pulled writing and its done very well. Characters aren't spared either. Martin is notorious for killing them off; the one's you like and the one's you don't.


General rating: 5

Epic rating: 5