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I've acquired a fair sized number of new followers today, which is unusual for me, so I thought I would write a post and introduce this blog.


Epic Reads Blog is (mostly) for epic reads. Internet epic that is. The internet version of the word is difficult to define and doesn't really fit into any particular genre, so I just set it as something approximating 'totally badass!'


Unfortunately that isn't something that slotted to any particular genre, and it is difficult to pick out which books will be a good fit for the blog and which one's aren't. More often than not the theme of this blog is more a review of what is NOT epic. There are the easy one's to pick out of course; Tolkien, Robert Jordan, George R.R. Martin all very much come to mind when I think epic, but it can't all be that way sadly :(


Generally on this blog, I read sci-fi, with a bit of fantasy here and there. I'm also known to dive into classic literature from time to time and pretty much anything else that strikes my fancy, although its mostly sci-fi and fantasy.


I have been wanting to do more with this blog, however, being that I don't have an at home internet connection. I mostly write from internet cafes and free wifi points. The point being that its not quite as active as I'd like, but there's not much I can do about it right now. However, I do have some ideas about how to make it more active when things change. For example, for Veteran's Day or Memorial Day some year, I would like to do a lead up of biography posts of Medal of Honor recipients (cause honestly, if you read the citations nothing says badass more than some of these guys), but I just don't see it in the cards right now.


And finally I make it a point to follow everyone who follows me. I don't keep company with alot of other readers offline, so I don't have alot of other people I know on here. It can be hard to get people you don't know, interested in your blog and I always appreciate it when I get new followers. Thus I consider it a courtesy to follow people who follow me. Community building and all.


Unfortunately, at this particular wifi point some of your pages have been blocked for whatever reason, (curse words or some such probably; I don't care, but the library apparently does; btw I'm looking at you E.), so I'm going to have to add some people the next time I'm at a less restricted hotspot.


Anyway, thank you all, for following reading my reviews :)