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Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy

Dragons of Spring Dawning - Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman Dragons of Autumn Twilight - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis Dragons of Winter Night - Tracy Hickman, Margaret Weis

Synopsis: A group of friends/heroes fights a war against an evil goddess and her armies. Its pretty straightforward stuff.


As I mentioned when I started this trilogy I spent several of my teenage years obsessed with the novels from this shared universe. Re-reading these has been a nice sentimental trip for me and I don't have a hard time understanding why I liked them. Still, however, I'm growing a bit weary of them and I need something different so I'll be postponing the read and review of the second core trilogy, Legends, until a later date.


The first book, Dragons of Autumn Twilight, is a bit melodramatic in some respects and it kinda feels like the authors are still getting their feet under them. There are also some concepts, and creatures, like unicorns, which are used and then completely abandoned by the rest of the shared universe. In 40+ book franchise where every single detail is pulled out and given its own novel it feels really odd to read these few forgotten bits.

But thats really not that much of issue. By the second book, Dragons of Winter Night, the authors have the idea of what they are doing pretty well down, the writing style has been tuned up and things seem to work much more smoothly.


By the third book, Dragons of Spring Dawning, they are clearly looking to the future and paving the way for the much more complicated storyline of the Legends trilogy. Its nice to see that they actually had some idea where they were gonna send the story post Chronicles rather than figuring it out as they went along.


I was really surprised at well these books aged with me, too. They were still very readable, they didn't come off as silly teenage drivel at all. You know how wh

en you bust out your dvd of Beverly Hills Cop, thinking about how funny it was 20+ years ago and you realize that its just really, REALLY stupid now? Thats what I was worried about from these books. But they held their end of things pretty damn well, to my mind, and I'm happy I took the time to read them again. The subplots were artfully done, and the books contained a depth of character I hadn't noticed so much as a teenager.


I think I got tired of the rest of the books partly because the other writers couldn't or wouldn't bother to infuse their books with the level of depth in the core trilogies.


General rating: 3 1/2 (even 4)

Epic rating: 4


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