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Bowl of Heaven review

Bowl of Heaven - Larry Niven, Gregory Benford

Synopsis: A spaceship on a centuries long journey to establish a colony on a far off planet encounters a vast, flat bowl structure hugging a star as it is propelled through space. A landing party investigates and is immediately split with some being captured by the bowl's inhabitants and the others escaping.


The book begins with a short prelude which introduces some of the characters. The story then immediately barrels full force ahead. There isn't a huge lot of character development here. The two protagonists are having an affair or some kind of intimate relationship and there's a little more development sprinkled here and there, but its clear that its a very distant second to the plot. They do a fair job with the imagery and descriptiveness, but the real problem with this book is that it is just BORING. There's no mystery here and it doesn't do a good job as a survival story either. Its explicitly stated that this is the first in a saga, however the cliffhanger at the end is kinda lame and I most likely will not read the next one. There is some potential; the aliens could be very interesting. For example, their origins, and what they're doing traveling through space on a floating wok bigger than the planet Jupiter.


But if the first book is any indicator, the authors will just squander the interesting possibilities for boring stuff.


To sum it up its not bad. Its just not good either.


General: ***

Epic: **