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Catch Me - Lisa Gardner

Synopsis: A woman approaches a detective  at her latest crime scene amd asks her to solve her murder which she believes will happen in 4 days. You see both her only two friends in the world were murdered two consecutive years in a row on the same day and she expects to be next. Meanwhile, our detective is also working to solve a vigilante murder spree targeting pedophiles.


Have you ever wanted to read a Lifetime movie? This book is your chance. But seriously, I hated this one. I very much wanted to DNF it was that much of a slog. Simply awful.


Gardners attempt at suspense is a 4 day countdown that feels more tired and tedious than anything. There is little in the way of suspense beyond that and the mystery elements simply proceed along without much effort until the end when the whole thing is simply thrown wide open. The eventual twist did manage to throw me off a little, but I was able to figure it out well enough beforehand that it wasn't to much of a shocker.


A boring, tedious literary slog that was better than warm milk and a lullaby for my sleeping habits.


General rating: 2 1/2

Epic rating: 1/2